NODKA Industrial Operation Panel includes ICP68XX system operation panel and IDP58XX display panel two product lines,the optional display size is 15,17,18.5,21.5,with Intel Core i3, i5, i7,Celeron a variety of CPU options,with VGA, DVI, HDMI and RJ45 digital remote control solution,with more than 24 models and other configuration options for your choice,enable you to realize high-end HMI solution.

        NODKA panel PC has low power consumption, high integration, good stability, communication I / O is complete, easy to install, beautiful light, takes up little rack space, etc., the original IPC, business machines and traditional HMI products are gradually being industrial Panel PC replaced.

        NODKA industrial panel PC has been an industry leader, with a variety of product specifications; from installation classification embedded, rack-mount and wall-mounted, from the functional classification of ultra-thin low-power, high-performance expansion, waterproof and rugged, LCD screen size from 8-19 inches optional product Support Dos, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP Enbedded, Windows CE, Linux, VxWorks and other operating systems.

        NODKA industrial monitor support for embedded, rack, open and wall-mounted variety of installation, LCD 8.4 ", 10.4", 12.1 ", 15", 17 ", 19" 22 "variety of sizes; touchscreen supports four- or five-wire resistive, capacitive and surface acoustic wave, the controller optional RS232 or USB communication; display supports VGA and DVI multiple signal inputs; products are widely used factory automation, machinery manufacturing, CNC equipment, human-computer interaction, power communications, information terminals, environmental monitoring, test and measurement, automotive shipboard and other occasions.